About me

  Hello! My name is Oksana Trukhan from Ukraine. I'm an artist, designer and jeweler. I have been creating unique jewelry since 2011. At first I did it for myself. But people liked my jewelry ideas and I started selling and shipping them all over the world.


 I studied jewelry art on my own from online lessons and with my jewelry friends. 

  For the first few years, I only worked with copper. This is a beautiful soft metal. And it allows you to create interesting designs: jewelry, home decor, sculptures.

  I was happy to share my experience with other artisans. So I created a lot of tutorials on copper jewelry. I have been invited to Sweden and United Kingdom (Glastonbury Wire Studio) several times to train students who are also in love with copper wire.

 But over time, I developed as a jeweler and mastered working with silver. This is an amazing material that gives many opportunities to implement the boldest ideas. Nature is my inspiration. And silver allows me to reproduce natural objects.

 I have a small workshop in my living room. There I come up with jewelry, draw sketches and communicate with my customers around the world. For many years I have had a store on Etsy with over 3000 sales and good reviews. 

 Every day I start in my workshop. Making silver jewelry takes a lot of time, because I cut and assemble all the details by hand. I apply texture and make silver berries, flowers, twigs. Then I add the gems and carefully polish the jewelry in a special solution that prevents fading. 

 It takes one or more days to make each piece of jewelry. I monitor the quality of my creations and try to send all parcels on time so that many people around the world become even happier with the new silver ring, or bracelet, or crown from small but creative jewelry brand "Ursula Jewelry".

I'm always open to special projects, just email me