Copper solder Felder 12 ga square for wire wrapped jewelry

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This is the perfect solder for copper wire. It does not contain silver, so after soldering, you get the copper color. It does not spoil the appearance of your jewelry.
Made in Germany, Felder.
Melting point 760 C

12 ga copper-phosphorus solder is very hard. Use very large wire cutters to chop solder into small pieces. If you get a big piece of 3-4 mm it can be cut in half.
You can buy 12" (1 foot), or 24" (2 feet), or 36" (feet) of each type. It will be packed as a bundle of several pieces of 10 cm in length for convenient shipment.

It is important to choose the best size for each solder joint. Place the solder near the seam. Because of the phosphorus content in the solder, we can work without flux. Use a butane torch to heat the copper. The solder is melted by hot metal and will flow into the place with the highest temperature. This way you can control it. If too much solder can distribute it on the surface of a metal with a flame. After heating the copper became dark - use citric acid to clean it up.
Solid solder convenient to store, it does not deteriorate with time and is not toxic. But better to solder under the hood.

Free video tutorial on how to work with this solder on my YouTube channel.

18 ga copper-phosphorus solder is hard but thin and therefore comfortable to use. You can cut a small piece without much effort using even small cutters.