Wire tutorials bundle 4 DIY project Wire wrapping without soldering Jewelry Tutorial DIY project Wire wrapped pendant Handmade ring

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Amazing bundle of 4 jewelry tutorials for those artists who don't like soldering. Or for beginners in wire wrap art.
All projects are very detailed and clear for following. You will get 4 PDF files with instructions in English and many photos.
I'll show you how to make pretty wire wrapped jewelry with copper wire and set a different kind of stones - bead, briolettes, and cabochons.
I hope you like wire weaving!

Working time - 3-4 hours for each project

Tools and Supplies:

Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Large needle
Borax powder or flux
Maas Polishing Creme
Liver of sulfur
Metal Laquer
Butane torch (if you want)

After payment, you can download 4 pdf files.
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All rights of this material reserved. Any distribution or publication without the prior permission of the author is forbidden. You are allowed to make the Bijou, following this lesson, and sell it, but you must mention the author of the idea in its description: Oksana Trukhan (UrsulaJewelry).