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If you do not have a workshop, but you really want to soldering metal - you must do what is necessary to preserve your health.
Mask, goggles, gloves and apron: protect from dirt and metal shavings. It is simply indispensable when working with an engraver.

But the mask will not protect you from metal vapor flux. This is very dangerous for health. You have to work under a fume hood. My husband gave me a comfortable place for soldering of the metal housing of the computer, crimping pipes and kitchen hood.
It looks like my kitchen on a normal day:

 I shoot with a metal mesh cooker hood. And now I add a special design to the hood.

Came very safe and comfortable.
On board is a metal tray for soldering. To the right are all the necessary tools.

Work in progress! :) Soldering!

Thus suitably heated wire also to make it soft.

I use citric acid to clean the wire. I heat it in a small saucepan.

I wish you good health and enjoyable work! :)

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