Wire wrap art - 3 variants of polishing. Video

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Polishing - is the processing of materials to produce a mirror finish surface.
Why patina and polished? To identify the the relief, placement of accents and expressive way. But! Solely at the discretion of the author.


I will share my impressions about the three different ways:

1. Maas Polishing Creme. Cream have light lilac color and "technical smell". Probably on purpose, so that no one tried to lick.))) Applied with a dry cloth over the surface. Then you need a good rub and wash with soap and brush in cool water.
Rated 5 Stars! Polishing is faster ideal metal for a long time does not dim even without varnish.
Minor flaws: a cream stain your hands and falls between the turns, but well laundered.

2. Ultra-Polish Pads. Take a pad, wipe the jewelry, rinse in cool water.
Rated 4 Stars! All wonderful and comfortable but polished too quickly fades and is not as bright as when the cream.

3. Using polishing compound goi, felt accessories and engraver.
Method of application: Apply engine oil to the paste, apply this mixture on the metall, polishing engraver, wash thoroughly.
Rated 3 Stars! If you have no choice - this is acceptable. Even without the engraver can achieve a beautiful polishing. But it's a lot of time and effort.
Disadvantages: It's a dirty job, felt the remnants of pasta flies everywhere - in the eyes or on the skin of the face, around the room ... Launder jewelry is very long and tedious.

Of course it's not all ways and means. And I'll be very happy to learn and try new - share. :)


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