DIY jewelry tutorial - Bird necklace

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This wonderful little bird will tell you how to fix a cabochon and solder the copper. Ready to go?
You need:

  1. agate cabochon 13x18 cm
  2. copper wire 18, 20 and 28 gauge
  3. Chain nose pliers
  4. Round nose pliers
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Hammer
  7. Miniature Horn Anvil
  8. File
  9. Butane torch
  10. Board for soldering
  11. Copper-phosphorus solder Felder 94
  12. Maas Polishing Creme and Polishing pads

For first make the sketch or download my file:

Take 18-gauge wire and bend it following the sketch.

You must make sufficiently dense pattern under the stone it to be the base.

Flatten the wire from the back side and smooth the ends.

Take another piece of 18-gauge wire and make the bar for bail.

Take 16 inches of 20-gauge wire and make the eye.

Soldering! I use solid solder Felder 94.

Locate the solder in the four place junction of wire.

Remove carbon deposits in the place where it will be attached to the eye.

Attention: I soldering the eye separately. I put the tweezers on this piece. This is to ensure that it is not overheated. Tweezers will delay warm itself is and detail is not melted.

Clear the bird in the hot solution of citric acid (1 spoon per cup of water).

Beat a little detail again using a hammer. After soldering it was soft and we make it tough.

Cut the excess wire and smooth end.

Bend the bail.

Now we wrap cabochon and take the wing.

You can make your own pattern. But the main principle - it should be thick enough to not cabochon slipped through any opening. Flatten the end.

Weaving! Now we have to fix the pattern, but do it elegantly.

I put together two wires and captures the lowest layer in three places.

Now, weaving in the left direction.

Cut the separate piece to connect the wire around the bail.

Almost done. But we have to cover a patina.

I polished in two stages: first polishing pads, then cream.

Wash thoroughly in the cold water and soap to clean the remnants of dirt.

A copper becomes dim from moisture. To keep its shine, cover jewelry with a special varnish for metal. I advise varnishing outside only to the body touched pure copper.

Have a good creation! If you have questions, please ask it in the comments.
Here's a video of the process to help you.


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