Free jewelry tutorial - Wire copper Heart

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You need:

  1. Amethyst smooth briolette 9x9 mm
  2. Chalcedony briolette 8x12 mm
  3. Lapis lazuli bead 8 and 8 mm
  4. Ceramic bead 10 mm
  5. Copper wire 14, 16,18, 20 and 28 gauge
  6. Chain nose pliers
  7. Round nose pliers
  8. Wire cutters
  9. Hammer
  10. Miniature Horn Anvil
  11. File
  12. Butane torch
  13. Board for soldering
  14. Copper-phosphorus solder Felder 94
  15. Maas Polishing Creme and Polishing pads
  16. Liver of Sulfur
  17. Borax powder
  18. Citric acid

Take the 14-gauge wire and make the base by the sketch (you can load it in this blog).

Cut 2 inches by 14-g wire for bail.

Flatten the wire from the back side and smooth the ends.

First I heat the metal to become soft and I was able to locate parts tightly together.
Place the piece of solder at the copper. Carefully warm all heart and then warm the solder. It will melt and connect copper. It is important that all parts tightly adjoin together.

I use this particular solder because it leaves no trace of silver to copper.

Clear the heart in the hot solution of citric acid (1 spoon per cup of water). And beat it by hammer to return the hardness to copper.

Make the bail.

Take the 16-g wire to make the first layer of pattern.

Use my sketch for this.

Flatten the ends of the wire and smooth it.

Fix this layer by 28-g wire at the two places.

And start the second layer by 18-gauge wire.

Make the balls at the ends of 16-g wire (see my video) and don't forget about borax powder!


Continue weaving and fix the beads.

Add one more piece of 28-g wire at the top right.

Fix the amethyst and chalcedony.

I cut off the tips of the wire until the finish all pattern. I'm just working with the entire design at once. This allows the harmonic pattern.

The pattern seemed empty to me too, so I want to add another piece of 20-gauge wire.
And make the balls at the ends (don't forget to clear it in citric acid).

Place that's so (click to enlarge).

You can save this chart pattern and use it.

Fix the last bead.

My favorite part of work - weaving!

Use the liver of sulfur to make patina.

Polishing and washing!

Some points better look at the video. I put good music that you do not get bored.


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